Beyond the Pyramid book cover
City of Memory and Other Poems book cover


Image Short Title People Involved Related Fields
La fabrique des Folies, De la psychanalyse au psychopharmarketing (2013) Mikkel Borch-Jacobsen French, Psychology
"Don Quixote's Alazon and Eiron" (2017) Milan Vidakovic 17th Century, Literature, Philology, Spanish
Werner Herzog: Interviews (2014) Documentary, Film/Cinema, German, Media Studies, Visual Arts, Visual Culture
Death, Disability, and the Superhero: The Silver Age and Beyond (2014) José Alaniz Comics, Disability
"Empire and the Geography of Literary Time in the Spanish Philippines" (2014) William Arighi Comparative Literature, Critical Theory, Global and Transnational Studies, Philippine and Filipino American
Archives and Origins: the Material and Vernacular Cultures of Photography in India (2013) Film/Cinema, South Asian, Visual Culture
Big Pharma (2013) Mikkel Borch-Jacobsen Psychology
The Age of New Waves (2013) James Tweedie Film/Cinema
Filling the Gap in Piers Plowman A (2013) Míċeál Vaughan English, Literature, Medieval, Textual Studies
Phenomenal Reading: Essays on Modern and Contemporary Poetics (2012) 20th Century, 21st Century, American, English, Modernism, Poetry and Poetics, Postmodern
Where Is Wille Buried? Piers Plowman A 12.105 (2012) Míċeál Vaughan English, Literature, Medieval, Textual Studies
In Contrast: Croatian Film Today  (2012) Gordana Crnkovic 20th Century, 21st Century, Bosnian Croatian Serbian, Culture, East European, Film/Cinema, Slavic, Visual Arts
Ferocious Reality: Documentary according to Werner Herzog (2012) Eric Ames Film/Cinema, German
Friedrich Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human II (translation, with notebook material from 1878-79) (2012) Gary Handwerk German, Literature, Translation and Interpretation
Post-Yugoslav Literature and Film: Fires, Foundations, Flourishes (2012) Gordana Crnkovic East European, Film/Cinema, Literature
"The Argonautic Anabasis: Myth and Hellenic Identity in Apollonius' Argonautica" (2012) James Clauss Greek History and Culture, Greek (Classical), Latin
Piers Plowman A: The A Version (edition) (2011) Míċeál Vaughan English, Literature, Medieval, Textual Studies
Transnational Questing Desire in Star Cinema's Kailangan kita and Milan (2011) Francisco Benitez Film/Cinema, Philippine and Filipino American
Flickers of Desire: Movie Stars of the 1910s (2011) Jennifer M. Bean Film/Cinema, Popular Culture
Reality Principles: From the Absurd to the Virtual (2011) Herbert Blau 20th Century, 21st Century, Critical Theory, Culture, Drama, Performance Studies
As If: An Autobiography, Vol. 1 (2011) Herbert Blau Autobiography, Biography, and Life Writing
Filming Philippine modernity during the Cold War : the case of Lamberto Avellana (2010) Francisco Benitez Film/Cinema, Philippine and Filipino American
Manufacturing Modern Japanese Literature: Publishing, Prizes, and the Ascription of Literary Value (2010) Edward Mack 20th Century, Japanese, Literature
Boundaries of Jewish Identity (2010) Naomi Sokoloff Jewish Studies
Baroque New Worlds: Representation, Transculturation, Counterconquest (2010) Monika Kaup American, Global and Transnational Studies, Latin American