Short Title People Involved Related Fields
The Myth of Voluntary Death: The Representation of Sacrifice and Martyrdom in the Maoist Films (1949-1976) (2017) Yizhong Gu
Adviser: Yomi Braester
20th Century, Chinese, Comparative Literature, Critical Theory, Culture, Drama, Film/Cinema, Literature and Other Arts, Visual Culture
 Screening the Museum Aesthetic: Auteurs in Transnational Heritage Film (2016) Andrea Schmidt
Adviser: James Tweedie
19th Century, American, Comparative Literature, Film/Cinema, German, Literature, Literature and Other Arts, Media Studies, West European
Pacific Crossings: Travel, Writing, and Literary Transition in the Sino-American Nineteenth Century (2016) Laura Eshleman
Adviser: Yomi Braester
19th Century, 20th Century, American, Chinese, Comparative Literature, Modernism
Question in Narratives from Oral Tradition to Literature (2016) Milan Vidakovic
Adviser: Marshall Brown
16th Century, 17th Century, 18th Century, 20th Century, Ancient, Classics, Comparative Literature, Folklore and Mythology, Slavic, West European
Impure Memory, Imperfect Justice: A Comparison of Post-Repression Fiction Across the South Atlantic (2016) Norma Kaminsky
Adviser: Cynthia Steele
Comparative Literature
Borderless Fandom  and Contemporary Popular Cultural Scene in Chinese Cyberspace (2016) Xiqing Zheng
Adviser: Yomi Braester
Chinese, Popular Culture
Animate Biology: Data, Visualization, and Life's Moving Image (2015) Adam Nocek Critical Theory, Media Studies, Philosophy, Science and Technology
Feminine Plural: Representations of Vulnerabilities and Vulnerabilities of Representations - Narratives of Women in Contemporary Egyptian Cinema (2015) Jacinthe Ahmed Assaad
Adviser: Leroy Searle
Film/Cinema, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
Gender, Class and Cinephilia: Parisian Cinema Cultures, 1918-1925 (2015) Annie Fee
Adviser: Jennifer M. Bean
20th Century, Film/Cinema, French, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, History
Pariahs, Tricksters, and the Subversion of Modernity: The Decolonial Borderland Narratives of Cormac McCarthy and Eduardo Antonio Parra (2015) Cuauhtemoc Mexica
Adviser: Cynthia Steele
American, Global and Transnational Studies, Latin American, Novel/Prose Fiction
"'This Humble Work:' Puerto Rican and Philippine Literature between Spanish and United States Empires" (2015) William Arighi
Adviser: Cynthia Steele
19th Century, 20th Century, Caribbean, Comparative Literature, Critical Theory, Global and Transnational Studies, Philippine and Filipino American, Spanish, Tagalog
Elmi Bodari and the Construction of the Modern Somali Subject in a Colonial and Sufi Context (2014) Jamal Gabobe
Adviser: Terri DeYoung
Arabic, Poetry and Poetics
Fragmenting History: Prostitutes, Hostesses, and Actresses at the Edge of Empire (2014) Nobuko Yamasaki
Adviser: Edward Mack
East Asian, Film/Cinema, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Japanese
To the Funhouse: W. G. Sebald's Playful Intertextuality (2014) Verena Kuzmany German
The Catholic Imagination of Czeslaw Milosz (2014) Artur Rosman
Adviser: Leroy Searle
Poetry and Poetics, Polish, Religion
Tao Yuanming and William Wordsworth: A Parallel Study (2014) Lin Chen
Adviser: Leroy Searle
Chinese, English, Poetry and Poetics, Romanticism
Breta sogur; AM 544 4to: an Edition and Translation  (2014) Russell Black Icelandic, Medieval
From Romantic Aesthetics to Environmental Ethics: Rethinking the Role of Natural Aesthetics in Ecocritical Discourse (2014) Patrick Zambianchi
Adviser: Raimonda Modiano
Ecocriticism, Romanticism
Un/Becoming Chinese: Huaqiao, The Non-perishable Sojourner Reinvented, and Alterity of Chineseness (2013) Ching-Sue (Gossamer) Kuik
Adviser: Yomi Braester
Strategies of Inwardness: Narrative Apprehension and the Modernist Quest for the Locus of Authenticity (2013) Amy C. Lanning Modernism, Reception Studies
Figures of Degeneration in French fin-de-siècle Literature (2013) Francoise Belot
Adviser: Gary Handwerk
French, Literature
Moving Cataclysm: Journeys of Quest, Landscapes of Loss in Late French Medieval Romance and 19th-Century Travel Narratives (2013) Greta D'Amico 19th Century, French, Medieval
\Writing the Indigenous: Contemporary Mayan Literature in Chiapas, Mexico and Palestinian Literature in Israel (2013) Amal Eqeiq
Adviser: Cynthia Steele
Arabic, Latin American, Novel/Prose Fiction
Secrecy, Secularism, and the Coming Revolution in Naguib Mahfouz's Postwar Masterpieces (1952-1967) (2012) Nathaniel Greenberg
Adviser: Terri DeYoung
20th Century, Arabic
Created in the Image? Holocaust Perpetrators in Israeli Fiction (2012) Or Rogovin
Adviser: Naomi Sokoloff
Jewish Studies, Novel/Prose Fiction