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Alumni News

An Investigative Cinema book cover
August 16, 2018
UW alum Fabrizio Cilento’s dissertation has been published!  His new book titled An Investigative Cinema: Politics and Modernization in Italian, French, and American Film was recently published by Palgrave Macmillan.  The book traces the development of investigative cinema that reconstructs actual events, political crises, and conspiracies.  Professor Cilento is... Read more
Tristan headshot
February 6, 2018
Major: Cinema Studies (with honors) Year of Graduation: 2008 Favorite Movie of All Time: Ghost Dog – The Way of the Samurai Occupation: Film Director, Editor, and Colorist “Cinema Studies at UW provided a great foundation and a strong sense of world cinema to build upon as a director.” We asked director Tristan Seniuk about how he got started, about his latest film Float (, and about majoring... Read more
Zainichi Korean Literary Workshop flyer
December 7, 2017
Nobuko Yamasaki (Ph.D. 2014) organized and chaired the first inaugural Zainichi Korean Literary Workshop at Lehigh University in April 2017. The workshop was funded by the Northeast Asia Council (NEAC) of the Association for Asian Studies, in conjunction with the Japan-US Friendship Commission, as well as the Center for Korean Research at Columbia University and Lehigh University.  Additional information on the workshop including full list of speakers and panels available at the... Read more
Feminist Media Histories journal cover
October 23, 2017
The new issue of Feminist Media Histories includes an essay wrtten by recent graduate Annie Fee (Ph.D. 2015) titled:  Les Midinettes Révolutionnaires: The Activist Cinema Girl in 1920s MontmartreAnnie is currently in her first year of a four year postdoctoral research fellowship at the Media Aesthetics research group at the University of Oslo, Department of Media and Communication.   Congratulations Annie! 
Nathanael Mengist
October 18, 2017
Anywhere! Meet CAS alumni with diverse and satisfying careers. Featured on Columns Magazine 
AF profile photo
April 28, 2017
This Autumn Annie Fee (Ph.D. 2015) will join the Media Aesthetics research group at the University of Oslo, Department of Media and Communication. During her four-year postdoctoral research fellowship she will explore the historical emergence of photogénie as a film-theoretic discourse in 1920s France. Building on research carried out as part of her Ph.D. dissertation at the University of Washington, the project aims to reconstruct the complex set of circumstances out of which ... Read more
Lawtoo profile photo
December 28, 2016
Nidesh Lawtoo (Ph.D. 2009) receives a 5-year European Research Council Starting Grant to work on his research project Homo Mimeticus at the Center for Global Studies, University of Bern, Switzerland.  From 2013 to 2016, Nidesh was the recipient of an SNF Fellowship at the Humanities Center of Johns Hopkins University.   Also his new book, Conrad's Shadow: Catastrophe, Mimesis, Theory is out!... Read more
December 20, 2016
Supritha Rajan (M.A. 2001), currently an Associate Professor of English at the University of Rochester was awarded the 23rd Annual Modern Language Association Prize for a First Book for her publication... Read more
Romanian Film Festival 2016 poster
October 27, 2016
Once again, the American Romanian Cultural Society (ARCS) has organized their annual Romanian Film Festival, One Eye Laughing, One Eye Crying.  ARCS, co-founded by one of our alumni Ileana Marin (Ph.D. 2011), is a non-profit that promotes traditions and culture of Eastern Europe, focusing on the American Romanian cultural heritage in the Seattle area.  The films were selected in tune with this year’s theme [be]longing.  The featured films will stir up questions, emotions, and challenge... Read more
February 24, 2016
We received an update from Nobuko Yamasaki (Ph.D. 2014) that she has been awarded a Humanities Center Individual Grant from the Humanities Center at Lehigh University, for her project to turn her dissertation, Fragmenting History: Prostitutes, Hostesses, and Actresses at the Edge of Empire, into a book.  Congratulations Nobuko!