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Visiting Assistant Professor, Comparative Literature, Oberlin University
Professor Emeritus of Germanics and Comparative Literature
Affiliate Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature
Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature
Language Lecturer, New York University Shanghai
Associate Professor Emeritus of French and Comparative Literature
Adjunct Principal Lecturer of Comparative Literature, Director of American Indian Studies
Professor of Slavic Languages and Literature and Comparative Literature
Graduate Student
Associate Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature and Cinema Studies
Graduate Student, Comparative Literature
Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Graduate Student
Leah with Hat
Graduate Student
Researcher, University of Washington
Assistant Researcher, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences



Title Date Time Location
Clouds in the Mirror. Remarks on the Early Biographies of Leonardo Da Vinci
Ricardo de Mambro Santos
Nov 17 5:30pm Allen Auditorium
"Feeling": a Keyword in 18th-Century German Aesthetics, with Special Attention to Goethe’s Werther and More. 
Stanley Corngold, Professor of German, Princeton University
Feb 11 4:30pm Simpson Center for the Humanities Seminar Room, CMU 202


Title Date Time Location
Tristan, a Dragon and a Love Potion
Joseph Nagy (UCLA)
Nov 13 4:00pm Communications 226
Peregrino in the Borderlands
Santiago Vaquera-Vásquez (Spanish, University of New Mexico)
Nov 12 3:30pm Communications 202
Escribir en Cuba en el siglo XXI / Writing in Cuba in the 21st Century  
Leonardo Padura Fuentes
Oct 27 3:30pm Communications 202


Title Date Time Location
Sameh Zoabi: “Palestinian Cinema: Politics, Production & Distribution” Jun 7 2:00pm Savery Hall Room 131
Four sounds of poetry Jun 5 4:00pm Denny Hall Room 213