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Qian He

Graduate Student

Contact Information

Box: 354338
PDL B202
Office Hours: 
F 3:30 - 5:30 or By appointment


M.A., Chinese Studies (History), The Chinese University of Hong Kong
B.A., Communication/Chinese Language and Literature, Beijing Normal University

(Belinda) Qian He is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Comparative Literature, Cinema & Media (CLCM) at the University of Washington. She is generally interested in historical and interdisciplinary approaches to the study of East Asian cinema, photography, art, and display culture, associated with atrocity, collective violence, and witnessing. Her dissertation is tentatively titled Spectacular Antagonism: Class Struggle, Exposure, and Cinema as Show Trial in China, 1925-1985. She has published on film theory, animation, teen film, politics of childhood/memory, the Cold War aesthetics, and the Chinese Cultural Revolution both in English and Chinese. Her essays have appeared (or are forthcoming) in Journal of Chinese Cinemas, The China Review, Film Art, Beijing Film Academy JournalChina Book Review, and edited volumes. She is co-organizing the Moving Images Research Group-Graduate Research Cluster (MIRG-GRC) with Ungsan Kim and Sarah Ross.

Courses Taught

C LIT 250: Introduction to Comparative Literature: Literature and Culture: Code and Metacode in Contemporary Narrative Media

C LIT 271: Perspectives On Film: Great Directors

C LIT 252: Introduction To Comparative Literature: Genres

C LIT 270: Perspectives On Film: Introduction

C LIT 271: Perspectives On Film: Hollywood Directors

C LIT 315: National Cinemas

ENGL 131 A7: Composition: Exposition Visualizing Childhood




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