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Milan Vidakovic

Researcher, University of Washington

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My research includes narrative and intersections of orature and literature as well as science and literature. My most recent project examines functions of questions in narrative works as they transition from orature (oral genres in oral societies) to literature (after the invention of the printing press), including South Slavic and Homeric epic songs, New Testament epistles, and early-modern comic novel.

After teaching literature and language classes in the past, most recently I have served as the instructor of record in the Interdisciplinary Writing Program (WAC/WID). Linking to lecture courses in other disciplines, such as cinema studies, philosophy of science, environmental studies, bioethics, political science, and geography, I addressed both discipline-specific and transferrable writing skills, teaching expository writing as a tool of learning and critical thinking. I currently also serve as instructional consultant at the Center for Teaching and Learning.


Courses Taught

Courses taught in the Department of English:

 ENGL 198/297/298: Writing Across the Curriculum

    English AU15 SP15

    Phil of Science AU14 AU13 WI13 WI11

    Envir Studies SP14 SP13

    Cinema Studies WI14

    Bioethics AU12

    Geog of Food and Eating SP12

    Geog of Health and Health Care WI12

    Geog of Global Inequality AU11 AU10

    Comp Politics SP11

 ENGL 131: Expository Writing  SP10 WI10 AU09

 ENGL 108: Preparing for College Writing & Research  AU15 AU14 AU13

Courses taught in the Department of Asian Languages & Literature:

 JAPAN 111/112/113/134: Japanese Language


Affiliated Departments: 

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