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Alan-Michael Weatherford

Graduate Student
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PDL C-502
Office Hours: 
Wed & Thurs: 12-1pm; or by appointment


BA, French Language and Literature, Christopher Newport University, 2012
BA, Spanish Language and Literature, Christopher Newport University, 2012
MA, Comparative Literature, University of Washington - Seattle, 2014
PhD, Comparative Literature, University of Washington - Seattle - IN PROGRESS

Alan-Michael Weatherford (preferably AM) is a PhD candidate in the Comparative Literature, Cinema and Media Department at the University of Washington-Seattle. He studies neocolonial violence under transnational liberal capitalism in the Americas, post-WWII across the Franco-, Hispano- and Anglophone empires. More specifically, he uses Postcolonial Theory and Queer of Color Critique to analyze queer diasporic cultural production.

AM teaches an array of courses: from French and Spanish language, to Gender and Queer Studies. For the 2018-19 year, he is slated to co-teach a series of classes in UW’s Comparative History of Ideas Department. Titled Interrogating Carceral Logics, Practices and Histories, it explores how we might understand carceral logics, practices, and histories across a range of geographies, objects, methods, and periods in addition to how people develop modes of resistance to them in order to better pursue critical justice education. He also volunteers with University Beyond Bars (UBB) at the Monroe Correctional Complex.



Courses Taught

French 101 - Elementary French

French 102 - Elementary French

French 103 - Elementary French

French 134 - Intensive French

French 201 - Intermediate French

French 227 - Intermediate Conversation

French 327 - Advanced Conversation

French/CHID 250 - History of French Cinema

Spanish 103 - Elementary Spanish

Spanish 102 - Elementary Spanish


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