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Student opportunities include UW credit for internships with literary, cultural, artistic, media, and technology organizations in the Seattle area and beyond.   Other ways to become involved include student film clubs, international film festivals, independent research through the Mary Gates Scholarship Fund, and study abroad

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Major: Cinema Studies (with honors) Year of Graduation: 2008 Favorite Movie of All Time: Ghost Dog – The Way of the Samurai Occupation: Film Director, Editor, and Colorist “Cinema Studies at UW provided a great foundation and a strong sense of world cinema to build upon as a director.” We asked director Tristan Seniuk about how he got started, about his latest film Float (, and about majoring... Read more
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CMS & Communication double major Class of 2018 Hometown: Tacoma, Washington Favorite Film of All Time: Alien Occupation: Warner Bros & Paramount Studio Rep for Allied Intetgrated Marketing Why did you choose CMS as a major?  I am a CMS major because I want to improve representation and diversity in media.  Film is a unique filter through which we can view history, culture, and ourselves. What do you like most about the CMS program?  I... Read more