Title Date Time Location
Curating Counter-revolution: Pidouhui, Image and the Politics of Exposure in Maoist China
Belinda Qian He, University of Washington
Nov 16 4:30pm 2M Seminar Room, East Asia Library, Gowen Hall
Workshop on Sinophone Cinemas Oct 7 12:00pm CMU 202
Filmmaking and Pedagogy Workshop May 26 2:00pm Simpson Center, CMU 202/204
Pre-SCMS Conference and Workshop Mar 17 1:00pm CMU 202/204


Title Date Time Location
Workshop on New Media in China and Taiwan May 7 9:30am Simpson Center CMU 202


Title Date Time Location
Center for Teaching and Learning and UW-IT’s “In Practice” workshop series: Tweeting from the Classroom  Feb 10 12:30pm OUGL, Room 220