Title Date Time Location
Material Texts Colloquium:on memory and forgetting in Don Quixote
Roger Chartier (Penn)
Mar 29 3:30pm HUB 340
Material Texts Colloquium:on bookmaking after Adobe
Matthew Kirschnbaum (Maryland)
Feb 22 3:30pm HUB 145
Material Texts Colloquium: on book markets in 17th-century France
Christophe Schuwey (Fribourg)
Jan 22 12:00pm Communications 202


Title Date Time Location
'The Treachery of Images' and Videographic Criticism 
Sarah Ross, University of Washington
Nov 17 3:30pm Allen Auditorium
Curating Counter-revolution: Pidouhui, Image and the Politics of Exposure in Maoist China
Belinda Qian He, University of Washington
Nov 16 4:30pm 2M Seminar Room, East Asia Library, Gowen Hall
Material Texts Colloquium: on imitability and the Mughal album
Yael Rice (Amherst)
Nov 6 4:00pm Art 317
Lecture at the Frye Museum "On Love and Books"
Professor Gordana P. Crnkovic
Nov 2 7:00pm Frye Art Museum
Material Texts Colloquium:on transnational print and fixed verse form
Linda K. Hughes (Texas Christian U)
Oct 30 3:30pm Communications 202
Material Texts Colloquium: on the library and the Kelmscott Press
Yuri Cowan (NTNU, Norway)
Oct 16 3:30pm Communications 202
Why Humanists Should Care About Information as a Concept
Eric Hayot, Comparative Literature and Asian Studies, Penn State University
Oct 13 3:30pm CMU 120
You can never bring in a wall': A Midsummer Night's Dream as Media Theory
Scott Trudell (University of Maryland)
May 23 4:00pm HUB room 214
Electric Communities: Television from 1879 to 1935
Stephen Groening
May 19 3:00pm Allen Auditorium
"The Preparation of the Victorian Novel and the Preparation of the Topic Model."
Professor Rachel Sagner Buurma, Swarthmore College
Apr 27 3:30pm Petersen Room, Allen Library
Awadh as World Literature
Professor Freancesca Orsini (SOAS University of London)
Apr 20 4:00pm Allen Auditorium
Festival Curating in (In)Appropriate Times
Lauren Berliner
Mar 9 3:30pm Allen Auditorium (north wing of Allen Library)
Cryonic Modernism, Cryonic History: Troubling the Periodization of a Literary Era
Robert L. Caserio
Feb 28 3:30pm CMU 226
Bamako Chic: A Quest for Alternative Visions of Africa
Maureen Gosling
Feb 17 10:00am Thomson Hall 317
Dreams and Fires - Experiences in Documentary Filmmaking in Latin America
Maureen Gosling
Feb 16 4:30pm Thomson Hall Room 101
Truth, Justice, and the American (Oy) Vey: The Significance of the Jewish Influence on Comic Books.
Jan 25 7:00pm Kane Hall 110
Picturing the Proletariat: Artists and Labor in Revolutionary Mexico, 1908-1940
John Lear, Professor in History, University of Puget Sound
Jan 25 3:30pm Thomson Hall Room 317
"Eco-Philology: Literary Studies in a Collapsing World."
Eric Gidal
Jan 11 3:30pm CMU 202


Title Date Time Location
Design Thinking and Classical Hollywood Cinema
James Tweedie
Nov 18 3:00pm Allen Auditorium
Reprising the Romantic Approach to Don Quixote
Donald Gilbert-Santamaría
Nov 18 1:30pm Denny Hall 359
Shapereader: Comics for the Blind.  A presentation by Ilan Manouach Nov 3 4:00pm Allen Auditorium
Distant Close Reading: Problems of Language, Context, and Politics
David Damrosch
Oct 21 4:00pm Communications 120
The Last Refuge: Chinese and Jewish Refugees in Wartime Shanghai
Yomi Braester
Apr 7 7:00pm Auditorium, Hillel UW
The Perils of Polyglossia 
Esther Allen (Baruch College, CUNY)
Feb 22 5:30pm Communications 120


Title Date Time Location
Zionism, the Novel, and Contemporary Debates
Dr. Russell Berman, Stanford University
Nov 17 7:00pm Kane Hall Room 220
Clouds in the Mirror. Remarks on the Early Biographies of Leonardo Da Vinci
Ricardo de Mambro Santos
Nov 17 5:30pm Allen Auditorium
Cinema Dissection: Aguirre, the Wrath of God Nov 14 11:00am Seattle Center SIFF FIlm Center
Authenticity, Complaint, and the 'Russianness' of American Jewish Literature
Gabriella Safran (Stanford University)
Nov 2 3:30pm Simpson Center for the Humanities, CMU 120
Cinema Dissection: Night of the Living Dead Oct 31 11:00am Seattle Center SIFF Film Center
Memory Is So Different Now: Thoughts on the Translation of Inuit Literature
Valerie Henitiuk, MacEwan University
Oct 26 5:30pm Communications 120
Destroying the Negatives: M.N. Srinivas, India's Villages, and Photography
Christopher Pinney, University College of London
Oct 1 3:00pm Thomson Hall Room 317
Stroum Lecture by Dr. Ruth Behar - People: Longing and Reinvention May 20 7:30pm Kane Hall 220
Stroum Lecture by Dr. Ruth Behar -  Places: Loss and Memory May 18 7:30pm Kane Hall 220
Histories & Futures of Reading: On digital approaches to literary history
Modern Language Quarterly Conference
May 15 to May 16 TBA
Histories and Futures of Reading: On girl zine networks
Janice Radway (Northwestern)
May 14 3:30pm HUB 145
On Hellboy, Color, and the Materiality of Reading
Scott Bukatman
May 8 3:30pm Allen Auditorium, Allen Library
Histories & Futures of Reading: On small data and the novel
Nicholas Paige (Berkeley)
Apr 20 4:00pm Communications 202
Histories & Futures of Reading: On reading culture in the making
Priya Joshi (Temple)
Feb 26 3:30pm HUB 145
"Feeling": a Keyword in 18th-Century German Aesthetics, with Special Attention to Goethe’s Werther and More. 
Stanley Corngold, Professor of German, Princeton University
Feb 11 4:30pm Simpson Center for the Humanities Seminar Room, CMU 202
Histories & Futures of Reading: On the new republic of letters
Jerome McGann (Virginia)
Jan 29 4:00pm HUB 145
Histories & Futures of Reading: On immersing networks in time
Christina Lupton (Warwick)
Jan 14 4:00pm Communications 202


Title Date Time Location
Histories & Futures of Reading: On book traces in the stacks
Andrew Stauffer (Virginia)
Nov 21 3:30pm HUB 340
Sorokin’s Cuisine
Prof. Dirk Uffelmann
Sep 29 3:30pm Allen Auditorium, Suzzallo Library
Histories and Futures of the Book: "Life Sentences: Women Prisoners Reflect on Reading"
Megan Sweeney (English and Afroamerican & African Studies, Michigan)
May 20 4:30pm Communications 120
Histories and Futures of the Book: "In the Workshop of the Mind: Collaborative Relationships in Early Modern Europe"
Ann Blair (History, Harvard University)
May 14 4:00pm Communications 120
Femmes Fatales Figures in Late 19th and Early 20th Century Western Art
Agnieszka Taborska (Rhode island School of Design)
May 1 7:00pm Walker-Ames Room, Kane Hall
Malraux's Death Sentences
Lawrence Kritzman (Dartmouth)
Apr 25 3:30pm Petersen Room, Allen Library (4th Floor, Room 485)
The Future of French and the Future of the Humanities
Lawrence Kritzman (Dartmouth)
Apr 24 3:30pm THO 211
Traditionally Modern: Folklore Studies, Nation, Japan
Melek Ortabasi
Apr 15 1:30pm Communications 202
Histories and Futures of the Book Lecture Series: "Racial and Textual Publics" 
George Bornstein (English, University of Michigan), Matt Cohen (English, University of Texas), Geroge Hutchinson (English, Cornell University)
Mar 21 4:45pm HUB 145
Histories and Futures of the Book Lecture Series: "The History of Philology and the Practice of Philology"
Sheldon Pollock (South Asian Studies, Columbia University)
Mar 21 1:00pm HUB Lyceum
Histories and Futures of the Book Lecture Series: "Rule-bound and Unruly: Ephemeral Documents and Conditional Texts"
Johanna Drucker (Information Studies, University of California, Los Angeles)
Mar 20 6:30pm Kane Hall Room 210
Histories and Futures of the Book Lecture Series: "Latent Adjacencies in Manuscript and Digital Technologies"
Elaine Treharne (English, Stanford University)
Mar 13 4:30pm Yukon Pacific Room, UW Club
Histories and Futures of the Book Lecture Series: "Reading's Refrain: From Bibliographic to Topological Reading"
Andrew Piper (German and European Literature, McGill University)
Mar 11 4:30pm Yuko Pacific Room, UW Club
The Age of New Waves: Art Cinema and the Staging of Globalization (Oxford UP, 2013)
James Tweedie, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature & Cinema Studies
Jan 28 4:00pm Communications Bldg Room 202
Histories and Futures of the Book Lecture Series:"Literary History, Book History, and Media Studies"
Meredith McGill (English, Rutgers University)
Jan 16 4:00pm Communications 120


Title Date Time Location
Histories and Futures of the Book: On reading after paper
Leah Price (Harvard)
Dec 2 4:00pm Husky Union Building 145
Histories and Futures of the Book: On print modernity in colonial India
Ulrike Stark (Chicago)
Nov 15 3:30pm Allen Auditorium, Allen Library
Histories and Futures of the Book: On "leaks" and the ideology of the cloud
Tung-Hui Hu (Michigan)
Oct 3 4:30pm Allen Auditorium, Allen Library
"Nationahood and Statehood in Brian Friel's Translations"
Maurice Fitzpatrick (Lecturer in English, University of Cologne)
Sep 30 3:30pm CMU 202, Simpson Center for the Humanities
Sudhir Mahadevan to host Cine Club on June 24 Jun 24 7:00pm The Paramount Theatre
Sameh Zoabi: “Palestinian Cinema: Politics, Production & Distribution” Jun 7 2:00pm Savery Hall Room 131
Persepctives on Disability in Comics: From Silver Age to the Digital Age Jun 7 12:00pm Savery Room 408
Histories and Futures of the Book: On network analysis and literary history
Andre Piper (McGill)
Mar 11 4:30pm Yukon Pacific Room, UW Club
Traces of a Viennese Childhood: Uncovering the Early Life and Career of Edgar G. Ulme 
Noah Isenberg, Director of Screen Studies, The New School, NYC
Feb 15 1:30pm Rey Library, Denny Hall 308


Title Date Time Location
"Shifting Geographies of Antisemitism: Thomas of Monmouth's 'Life and Miracles of St. William of Norwich'"
Kathy Lavezzo (University of Iowa)
Oct 26 3:30pm to 5:00pm Parrington Commons
"Theory of the Lyric"
Jonathan Culler (Cornell University)
Oct 18 3:30pm to 5:00pm CMU 202 (Simpson Center Conference Room)
"Virtually Yours: Presence, Liveness, Lessness"
Herbert Blau (University of Washington)
Oct 16 7:30pm to 9:00pm Jones Playhouse
"Bloodlands: Europe between Hitler and Stalin"
Timothy Snyder (Yale University)
May 23 7:00pm to 8:00pm Kane Hall 120
"Why Lyrics Last: Evolution, Cognition, and Shakespeare's Sonnets"
Brian Boyd (University of Auckland)
Apr 23 3:30pm to 5:00pm Parrington 108
"The Transformation of Robin Hood and the Medieval Wild Man on the 1598 London Stage: Primitivism and Masculinity in Anthony Munday’s Downfall of Robert Earl of Huntington and Shakespeare’s (?) Mucedorus"
Lorraine K. Stock (University of Houston)
Mar 13 3:30pm to 5:00pm CMU 202 (Simpson Center Conference Room)
“‘Suddenly Everything Went Blue’: Late Style in Hannah Weiner’s The Book of Revelations”
Marta L. Werner (D'Youville College)
Mar 1 6:00pm to 7:00pm Communications 226
"Medieval Texts, Modern Contexts: Ketāb-e Chahār Maqāla , Mohammad Qazvini, and Persian Textual Criticism"
Sima Daad (University of Washington)
Feb 24 12:30pm to 2:00pm Smith Hall Room 203
"Defining Text in the Italian Renaissance: Authorial Intention, Editorial Revision, Reading Demand"
Michelangelo Zaccarello (University of Verona)
Feb 9 6:00pm to 7:30pm UW Club
"The Integrity of Fiction: Imaginative Literature in a Culture of Realism"
Russell Berman (Stanford University)
Feb 7 6:30pm to 8:00pm Kane Hall 220
"Milosz and the American Poets He Loved. . . and Hated"
Robert Faggen (Claremont McKenna College)
Jan 11 7:30pm to 9:00pm Walker-Ames Room (Kane 225)


Title Date Time Location
"The Weakness of One: Devolution, Responsibilisation, and Citizenship in Neoliberal Rationality"
Wendy Brown (University of California, Berkeley)
Nov 17 6:00pm to 8:00pm CMU 120
"Homeless in the World: War, Narrative, and Historical Consciousness in Eileen Chang, Gyorgy Lukacs and Lev Tolstoy"
Roy Chan (College of William and Mary)
Nov 4 2:30pm to 4:00pm Thomson Hall 134


Title Date Time Location
"In War and Peace, from Documentary to Artistic Cinema: The Mexican Revolution on Film (1911-1935)"
Fernando Fabio Sanchez (Portland State University)
Nov 19 12:00pm to 2:00pm CMU 202 (Simpson Center Conference Room)
Hanauer Lecture: The Moral Sublime
Adam Potkay (College of William and Mary)
Nov 4 4:00pm to 5:00pm Communications 120
"Return to Democracy or Constant Crisis? Polish Cinema after 1989" Apr 14 7:00pm to 9:00pm Walker-Ames Room (Kane 225)


Title Date Time Location
"Sexuality and Violence in Contemporary Mexican Film"
Sergio de la Mora (UC Davis)
Nov 19 1:30pm to 3:20pm Savery 138
Walker-Ames Lecture: "The Art of Political Murder"
Francisco Goldman
Oct 27 6:30pm to 9:00pm Kane Hall 130