C LIT 371 A: Literature And The Visual Arts

Joe Sacco and Comics Journalism

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José Alaniz

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This course examines the career of Joe Sacco, cartoonist and best-known practitioner of comics journalism (non-fiction graphic reportage). What does it mean to apply the verbal-visual techniques of comics, a traditionally derogated medium, to the serious investigation of current events? How does comics’ cross-discursive hybridity complicate and problematize such journalistic concepts as objectivity, balance and the interview? We will spend some time on Sacco’s early work and his ties to US underground comix before moving on to examine his comics journalism in practice, in such volumes as Palestine, Safe Area Goražde, Footnotes In Gaza and Journalism.

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Focuses on specific theoretical problems. Examines the relationship between text and image in a variety of art forms including poetry, novels, paintings, photography, essays, comic strips, film, and advertisement. Readings, in English, from a wide variety of national literatures.
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Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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Elective for both Literature and Cinema
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