C LIT 441 A: Literature And The Holocaust

Literature And The Holocaust
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Literature Elective
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Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts
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M W 10:30-12:20
SAV 168

By examining fiction, poetry, memoirs, diaries, monuments, film, and aspects of popular culture, this course will explore literary responses to the Nazi Holocaust. How has literature imagined and reacted to the persecution of Jews and other marginalized groups – including Gypsies, homosexuals, and the handicapped? Among the topics to be covered: bearing witness and survivor testimony; the shaping of collective memory; the second generation; Holocaust education and children's literature; gender and the Holocaust; fantasy and humor in representations of catastrophe.

There will be a final exam and two short papers (750-1000 words each).   Students may opt to take this as a W course by completing additional writing assignments.

Any student in this course who wishes to read some texts in Hebrew may contact the instructor and make arrangements to register for 2-3 credits of HEBR 490 (independent study).

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Examines fiction, poetry, memoir, diaries, monuments, film, and pop culture from several languages and cultural milieus, with emphases on English and Hebrew. Topics include survivor testimony, shaping of collective memory, the second generation, Holocaust education and children's literature, gender and the Holocaust, and fantasy and humor as responses to catastrophe. Offered: jointly with NEAR E 441.

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