Internships and Careers

Internships and Careers in Cinema Studies



Students can pursue internship opportunities in the film industry for a maximum of 5 credits.  (C LIT 491, variable credits 1-5).   The credits count towards a student's General Electives on a Credit/No Credit basis.  A student can receive a grade for internship credits and request that they would count towards the student's Core Electives with special permission of the Internship Faculty Superviser (IFS).

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We recommend starting your search at Media Inc.’s Northwest Production Index (A database of Washington and Oregon state media-related businesses).
Consult an undergraduate adviser if you have questions.

Careers in Filmmaking

Explore the links below for more information on how to begin a career in filmmaking.

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Additionial Advice on Careers

The Department of Comparative Literature does not provide career placement counseling. The University of Washington, however, does have extensive resources for alumni and prospective graduates. Please visit the University's Career Services page for more information.