The Department of Comparative Literature, Cinema & Media offers opportuntities to explore connections — connections among various literary, visual, and cultural traditions in a global world; connections between past and present; and connections across different academic disciplines and modes of intellectual inquiry.

Comparative Literature trains students in the critical analysis of texts, seeking to understand how the rhetorical and aesthetic features of those texts—whether literary, visual, or theoretical—negotiate and shape social values, attitudes, and beliefs. International in scope and interdisciplinary in orientation, our field emphasizes intellectual breadth and fosters intellectual initiative by maximizing students’ opportunities to design their own courses of study.

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Red Badge Project: Helping Soliders Tell Their Stories

Professor Shawn Wong's participation in the Red Badge Project was featured in the November 2015 edition of the College of Arts & Sciences Perspectives newsletter.  Read the full article here:... Continue reading

Cinema Dissection at SIFF 

SIFF's Cinema Dissection provides film lovers an opporunity to dig deeper into the films they love.  Each month, participants of the program joins in a scene by scene, somtimes shot by shot breakdown of the selected film.  faciliated by a film expert. Two of our Cinema and Media... Continue reading

James Tweedie Wins “New Directions” Fellowship

We are thrilled to announce that associate professor James Tweedie has won a New Directions Fellowship from the... Continue reading


Dec 10
Jan 20
Jan 29
CLCM Faculty Meeting 10:30am: PDL B526
Feb 3
Bonnie Mak (Illinois)
Histories and Futures of Publication: On meaning and material form
3:30pm: Communications 202
Feb 29
Virginia Jackson (UC Irvine) and Yopie Prins (Michigan)
Histories and Futures of Publication: On poetry and its publics
3:30pm: Communications 202

Quick Facts

Students (Autumn 2011):
94 Undergraduate Majors
40 Graduate Students
1,992 Total Student Enrollment

Degrees Awarded (July 2010-June 2011):
53 Bachelor of Arts degrees
3 Master of Arts degrees
6 Ph.D. degrees

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